At, we aim to provide multiple laptop and desktop options to suit your unique needs. 

Linux OS Computers

Linux is a free, open-source operating system. There are many distributions of Linux, including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Fedora.

As an operating system, Linux is fully capable of any task that a computer is capable of. Many popular programs that are available for Windows and MacOS are also available for Linux, and many alternatives are available for programs that aren’t.



Windows 10 Computers

Comprenew always strives to make technology as affordable as possible. Only eligible recipients may view Comprenew's Certified Refurbished Microsoft Windows computers.

Find out if you are an eligible recipient for a low-cost Microsoft Windows 10 computer here. 








Bootable Computers

Bootables is Comprenew's line of ready-for-resale laptops!

These products are tested for core functionality and are available at a low price so that they can be built out to their full potential.

Bootables do not contain batteries or operating systems and may sometimes be missing additional parts and pieces. All Bootables come with a power adapter.


We offer these items is to encourage reuse by those who accept the device as is or are able to add value to the unit by upgrading its components.



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