Computer Literacy Classes

Comprenew Connect is our computer literacy class aimed to help low-income members of our community learn to operate computer technology and acquire a home computer. Our goal is to close the digital divide while setting up families for success. Comprenew Connect is free to participants and builds confidence and technical skills. Those that qualify will have an opportunity to receive a discounted or free warrantied computer from a Comprenew store upon completion of the class. Taught using an online training program under the supervision of an instructor, the program includes training in Microsoft Word and Excel, email correspondence, and internet navigation.


Workforce Experience

We aim to give people with barriers to employment a chance to expand their skill set under Comprenew’s guidance. In partnership with a number of area agencies and organizations, this program provides at-risk members of the community the opportunity to learn more about computers and other electronics by aiding us in the recycling process.  Program participants often have the opportunity for part or full-time employment with Comprenew.
Members of  our workforce experience program do not handle any data-containing devices.


Service Learning Programs

Comprenew takes environmental education seriously in hopes to inspire the community to take actionable steps towards reducing electronic waste. We host school, church, and community groups in our facility where they can learn more about the electronics recycling process and the hazards of e-waste.



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